Tata Sampann Spices unveiled in Gujarat market

Gujarat, January, 2017: Tata Sampann, the brand which is committed to bringing wholesome nutritious food and houses products like unpolished dals, naturally rich spices, and low oil-absorb besan, launched Tata Sampann Spices in Gujarat. Having already added its rich flavors and aroma in Mumbai last year, the brand takes a second step in the western markets to achieve its aim of providing natural and wholesome meals to its consumers.

In India, where homemakers inexhaustibly search for new and wholesome flavors intrinsic to their family’s well-being and prosperity, Tata Sampann spices presents formulations that gives dishes from across regions, cuisines and taste preferences that exact home-made touch. The brand carried out extensive research and noticed a gap between consumer requirements and market offerings, following which it increased its focus to ensure that products reach the kitchen exactly the way nature intended it to be.

Uniquely developed by sourcing best varieties from the best farms, these spices have been formulated together with food connoisseur and now Tata Sampann Spices brand ambassador, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Tata Sampann ensures that the whole spices used as raw material retain their natural goodness and spice oils (volatile oils) thus offering unadulterated flavors to any dish. Tata Sampann Spices also takes the lead by benchmarking international product quality. Through high quality offerings, that help enrich everyday meals with extra nutrition and extra joy.

The blended masalas come in a 5-in-1 freshness packs where each 100-gram pack is divided into 5 packs of 20 grams each, to preserve its aroma, taste and color, thus keeping their ‘goodness intact’. The offerings comprise of eleven products ranging from everyday spices, such as Chilli and Turmeric powder, to specific blends such as Dal Tadka Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala and Punjabi Chole Masala, which have been specially formulated to delight consumers’ taste buds and deliver authentic flavor of each dish. All spices are sourced from finest of origins where the terf and climatic conditions harness true traces particular to each spice like; turmeric from Salem, chilli from Andhra Pradesh and other important spices like Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove etc from Kerala. Spices are planned to be made available through Tata Salt’s vast distribution network that pans across 120 million family units in the country.

A 360-degree consumer awareness campaign titled ‘Aaj ka masaledar sach’ was launched with an aim to showcase how ‘sarvagunn sampann’ masalas retains their natural oils, flavor and color, sourced from the best farms in Kerala. The campaign features celebrated Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and focuses on the truth of how in common markets, spices are depleted of their oils and hues, and are not sourced from the right place of origin, which hampers taste, color, and flavor.