Tata Sampann Spices carries forth phase II of the ‘Aaj ka masaledar sach’ campaign

National, May 2017 - Aromatic flavors and rich colors of spices are integral to Indian cuisine. But how aware are consumers of the fact that the very aroma and flavor punch of our spices can fade away over time? Humidity, moisture, and oxidation, all contribute towards the degradation of the quality of spices. Tata Sampann Spices’ ‘Aaj ka masaledar sach’ campaign, now in its second phase focuses on these key educational pillars in order to sensitise consumers in an engaging and informative manner. Changing the narrative in its second phase, the TVCs highlight its innovative five-in-one packaging in masala blends such as pav bhaji masala, chole masala etc. as well as the goodness and therapeutic properties of spices, where curcumin is the real hero behind the ‘golden spice’, turmeric.

Launched with an underlying objective of making a consumer re-evaluate his/her choice of spices, the second leg of the campaign released its second TVC today which focuses on the innovative 5-in-1 packaging. Each 100-gram pack of Tata Sampann masala blends is bifurcated into 5 packs of 20 grams each, to preserve its aroma, taste, and color, thus keeping their ‘goodness intact’. The unique packaging addresses the latent and unstated consumer need to preserve flavor, goodness and naturalness from the first pinch to the last pinch. The first TVC of the second phase of the campaign, launched in March brought to the forefront the unknown and most active constituent hero of turmeric, i.e. curcumin. Featuring its brand ambassador Sanjeev Kapoor, the campaign continues to educate consumers about the reality of how common market spices are drained of their natural oils and colors and are not sourced from the correct place of origin; thus, hampering the taste, color, and flavor of spices, which are essential to Indian dishes.

Talking about the new campaign and its objective, Mr. Sagar Boke, Head - Marketing, Consumer Products Business at Tata Chemicals Ltd., said, “The Aaj ka Masaledar Sach campaign, now in its second phase looks at communicating with its consumers’ basis key educational pillars. In order to do the same, we chose a specific informative format for the campaign, highlighting one product truth at a time thereby giving a different perspective to the consumer for e.g. in the second TVC we highlight the importance of the right kind of packaging needed to preserve the quality of spices and kept the conversation to be centric to the aroma, taste and imagery narrative of the category as well as what lies at the heart of good spices. In another TVC, we educated consumers about curcumin, the hero behind turmeric and the provider of its goodness and therapeutic properties. Due to its simple execution style, consumers connected very well with the first phase. We hope that the second phase will mirror this success and click with the consumers. This will help us improve brand health and trials, eventually helping in serving our consumers better.

In the first phase of the campaign, Tata Sampann Spices delved on the importance of the ingredients of spices being sourced from favorable terrains that influence the taste and flavor of food. Carrying the brand philosophy forward, ‘natural goodness is the way to go for a healthy, balanced life’, the first phase of the ‘Aaj ka masaledar sach’ campaign educated consumers about various aspects of selecting spices, and highlighted how ‘sarvagunn sampann’ Tata Sampann Spices are as they retain their natural oils and color and are sourced from the best farms in Kerala, thereby bringing good health and wellness to consumers.

The overarching aim of this campaign is to raise consumer awareness about the quality of spices available in the market nowadays. Adding to the natural goodness of spices is the expertise of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, along with credibility, integrity and reliability that fits well with the Tata brand.