Dals the way nature intended to be

  • Urad Dal
    Urad Dal
  • Moong Dal
    Moong Dal
  • Masoor Dal
    Masoor Dal
  • Toor Dal
    Toor Dal
  • Chana Dal
    Chana Dal
  • Urad Kali
    Urad Kali
  • Urad Dal Whole
    Urad Dal Whole
  • Grade and source guarantee

    Tata Sampann dals are specially sourced under the Grow More Pulses Program, an initiative of Tata Consumer Products Ltd. and Rallis India Ltd. Under this program, farmers are trained by experts and follow best practices that result in better yields and fine quality grains. Your homecooked dal just got healthier and tastier!

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  • Urad kali

    Studies show that it’s the perfect choice for weight watchers, it has 170 calories per cup (250ml) in a cooked serving, so the idli, vada lovers can still enjoy the meal without the stress of consuming calories.

  • Kabuli Chana

    This wholesome leguminous pulse can be used to make salads, chole, hummus dips, veggie burgers and much more. Claims suggest that the fiber in the channa helps lower cholesterol levels, thereby contributing to cardiovascular health.

  • Masoor Chanti

    The masoor chanti is! While not only being a staple for North Indian dinner tables in forms of lentil soup, lunch patty, studies have proven that it removes bile from your body. It further helps in eliminating and reducing blood cholesterol levels.

  • Rajma

    Nothing screams yummy weekend food like rajma-chawal for lunch and dinner. Rajma has shown to have significant amounts of vitamins that reduce risk factors for heart attacks, stroke or peripheral vascular disease.

  • Masoor small

    An everyday accompaniment of most Indian homes, its regular consumption has explored to promote better blood flow and passage of nutrients to the organs.

  • Urad kali
  • Kabuli Chana
  • Masoor Chanti
  • Rajma
  • Masoor small