Importance of Spice Oil

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When we think about Indian cuisine, masalas or spice powders become an indispensable ingredient. The secret to different curries throughout different parts of India is attributed to the various blends of masalas used. Two main attributes of spices when added to our food is aroma and taste. Without either one, our food would have no character. Imagine eating chicken tikka or paneer butter masala without the taste of the actual masala. It’s the aroma of these masalas when cooked which often arouses hunger. So what gives spices their characteristic taste and aroma? It’s a special component of spices called spice oils or oleoresins.

Spice oleoresins represent the complete flavor profile of spice and spice oils provide the characteristic aroma of the spice. Consequently, the contribution of Indian spices to health benefits have been recorded since vedic times. Spices like ginger, cumin and cinnamon have long been used for treating problems related to digestion. While spices such as turmeric and cloves have also been noted for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Oleoresins or volatile oils define the true essence of the spices and quite often these natural spice oils are extracted leaving behind what’s known as the ‘spent’ Masalas which are then used to make spice blends such as ‘garam masala’, pav bhaji masala and so on. It is a common practice to sell the extracted oil is sold separately. For example in the food & beverage industry, many processed food items such as meat, ready to eat soups and sauces are fortified with spice oleoresins to lend it that particular spice flavor without compromising the taste and aroma provided by the whole spice.

So how do you pick the best masalas which not only guarantee taste, but also nutritious? Simple, choose spices which are made from superior quality raw material and are full of natural spice oils guaranteeing freshness, taste and aroma along with substantial nutritional benefits.





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